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At B2 Intuit, we have years of experience in Back Office Services, with a highly qualified team of experts, trained in this type of administrative process to offer different solutions depending on each company, adapting to the needs of each client so that they can obtain the highest profit with the minimum investment.

We provide services focused on increasing the profitability of our clients. Our expert team will work and in hand with your in-house team to guarantee the resolution of all queries in a timely and personalized manner. We are fully committed to your needs as we consider ourselves an integral part of your business.

Likewise, we maintain close relationship with our customers, conducing to effective communication and allowing us to obtain relevant feedback in the form of formal and informal performance evaluations that are fundamental to our continuous growth and improvement.

We are pioneers in defining the future of business solutions and are proud of knowing we have serviced hundreds of clients around the world.



Customer engagement and efficient solutions are at the heart of our business.

We have a highly experienced management team with a record of getting things done. Our services and business strategies are unique to every customer, tailored to their business needs.

Finance Operations

Global Business Services





What we do

Analytics & Consulting

Our global team of analysts and consultants is comprised of the world’s top talent and state of the art data environments. In each engagement, we think differently about how to find and solve problems. We value insight over information, and actions over recommendations.

We see differently, think differently, and act differently—by design.

Financial Services

Our Financial services team empowers our customers to deal with the legal and compliance risks that come with imminent international growth.

Our Financial Team has a wealth of experience in delivering successful business strategies. Our services are flexible, allowing your in-house financial team to work with ease alongside our Financial Team.

We will walk you every step of the way through the process of achieving full international compliance.

Back-Office Services

Back Office services encompass tasks such as management of administrative processes, accounting, customer monitoring, and human resource management, among others. In short, internal issues aimed at managing the company itself and reflecting in real time the current state of the company for timely decision-making.

With this resource, your company will be able to streamline its business processes as well as obtain substantial savings in its costs.


What advantages does a company obtain by outsourcing its processes through our Back Office service?

  • Times are minimized when managing the different departments.
  • Administrative costs are significantly reduced.
  • By having a highly qualified team of experts for this type of business management by the subcontracted company, the time allocated to these tasks is optimized and a top-quality service is obtained given the specialization of the staff assigned to the task.
  • Improved response time helps make the customer experience remarkable.
  • The outsourcing of these administrative tasks allows the company to focus its activities on all other important matters.


B2 Intuit offers a wide range of services in the areas of compliance, back-office, finance and procurement and more. We serve companies of all sizes, and create unique strategies, set to meet the particular needs of each of our clients, we provide a wide range of services in the area of branding, operational and procurement services, including training, among other services to our clients.

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